Over the years online gaming and Youtube has become a career path for thousands of people around the world. With new and innovative ways of making money constantly evolving, there is no surprise that many take to beginning a career online. If you want to join the video game industry then carry on reading to find our top tips.

How To Be A Streamer

Iphone on a desk with the twitch app open

To become a streamer there are a few pieces of equipment you may need to begin with. If you are committed and dedicated to becoming a great streamer you might want to consider a camera, but if you don’t have the money to do so yet, then don’t worry! An iPhone or Samsung camera is good enough as long as you have good lighting and 1080p quality.

Now you will also need to decide which console you want to play your games on, (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo etc.). If you have more than one then that’s great you’ll be able to switch up your content, if you don’t have any then don’t stress you can use a computer to stream but you might need additional software.

Next, you won’t want a camera that will be pointing at the screen as you play, you will need software to screen capture what is going on. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is popular amongst all Youtubers and it’s also free! For those looking to screen records from their console, you will need a Capture Card that is compatible with your console.

Once you have your console, camera and capture equipment you can begin to look at a microphone. Having good quality sound can be a fine line between a good streamer and a great streamer, whether it’s a headset or a professional microphone it’s worth considering!

How To Be A Youtuber

Phone on a desk with the youtube app openTo become a Youtuber there’s a couple of things you will need to start out. The first is to create an account, once you’ve done this you can begin creating! Whilst many of the big stars will use professional cameras and have dedicated editors, when you are first starting out you may not have the means or money to be able to do this. Many Youtubers start out using just their phone camera and editing software that is free such as iMovie on the iPhone.

Once you have your channel and equipment you will need to decide what type of videos you want to create as the gaming community is so varied, we recommend finding a niche to help get your content discovered. If you’re going into gaming there are a few types of content including walkthroughs, let’s play, reviews or live streaming to name a few. If you’re unsure on what types of videos to do check out the different communities and see what's best for you

Now don’t be disheartened if your content isn’t discovered straight away, Youtube’s algorithm loves consistency so be patient and upload good quality videos on a regular schedule and watch your views skyrocket! The Youtube algorithm is also unpredictable so you may see videos begin to blow up months, even years after uploading!