Youtube hashtags are tags added to video titles and descriptions that can be used to improve a video’s discoverability on Youtube. The hashtags work the same as on any other social platform like Instagram and Twitter. Making your videos appear for popular searches and hashtags can really open your channel up to wider audiences and make use of trends. When a viewer clicks on a hashtag on Youtube it will show them videos that are also using that hashtag. So to be in with a chance of free exposure,  then use those hashtags!

How Can Hashtags Boost Your Youtube Channel?

According to Youtubes’ Creator Academy, using hashtags on your videos can improve your SEO (search engine optimization). So like we mentioned, hashtags can lead people from one video to another with the same hashtag. For gaming, this could mean someone who likes a specific game can click on the hashtag and find more content around it.

People also search on Youtube with the hashtag as their keyword so if you optimise for a specific keyword you can rank for these hashtag searches. Youtube also looks at hashtags like normal video tags. So if you include “#gaming, #Xoomo and #mobilegame” these help Youtube understand that your video is about mobile gaming.

What are some other benefits of hashtags?

Person holding a phone with a graph on

Hashtags on youtube are a fairly powerful tool, you can link some of your videos together without the need for a playlist. If you had video’s on different games for example you could use #Xoomo in the video’s you play Xoomo and #Fortnite on video’s in which you play Fortnite.

Just remember that hashtags aren’t a recipe for guaranteed success, they aren’t going to make your views and subscriber count spike just because you’ve started using them. They have the potential to bring in more views and potentially more subs but other factors are much more important and you should focus on getting the major points down.

What are the Most Popular Gaming Hashtags?

Before adding hashtags to your content think about best practices, obviously do some keyword research like you would for a website or a blog post. Things can be a bit easier on Youtube though, there are a few basic go to’s like #gaming and the game you’re playing like #fortnite.  You can also include the console and equipment you are playing on like #ps5 or #xbox.

Here are the top 10 gaming keywords, do your research before using them and think if you can rank for them before using them:

  1. Gaming

  2. Gamer

  3. PS

  4. Videogames

  5. Playstation

  6. Xbox

  7. Games

  8. Game

  9. Fortnite

  10. Twitch

So as you can see a game (Fortnite) is in the top 10 most popular hashtags and so are multiple mentions of consoles (PS, Playstation, Xbox). Just like every other social media youtube has trends so these hashtags are subject to change. Fortnite might be replaced with another game and the consoles might become more or less popular as the gaming landscape continues to change.

Keep following best practices, use your hashtags and you’ll be on your way to youtube stardom in no time. Check back here from time to time for other Youtube tips and more!