Let your competitive spirit loose with Xoomo, the app where your skills can earn you cash! Challenge people from around the world and prove that you’re the best of the best, taking home the glory - and the prize pot!

Get the edge over your competitors with some of our top tips to success on Xoomo.

01. Focus

Whilst you don't need to be a Zen Master to do well at Xoomo, a keen focus will help you succeed! Reacting quickly to obstacles in your path is key to being the last one standing and securing that win.

02. Practice

The old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ exists for a reason! As you play Xoomo, you’ll start to learn more about the intricacies of the game and feel yourself improving. With a low barrier to entry, but a high skill ceiling, mastering Xoomo is a truly rewarding experience!

03. Play with Friends

Invite your friends to play and see who can claim glory amongst your group! This is great for getting some extra practice in, discussing strategies and getting mates playing. You can meet like-minded players and forge friendships on our official Discord server.

04. Strategise

As you play the game more, you’ll develop your own way of playing and your own techniques. By communicating with other players, you can share strategies and discover new tips and tricks to keep on winning!

Stay Motivated

Rather than focusing on a loss, try and take stock of what you learnt from your match and how you can use that to improve your skill in the long run!

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